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After reviewing my blog I realized how much work I have done in this class. I have seen some posts that I have worked really hard at and others I did last minute because I was just got home from work. However after looking at all my posts I found one I really enjoyed and think I did the best on that is the one called extreme makeover. I really cared about this topic and enjoyed writing it. I think this related to me so well because it is something that I want to do change myself, even if I don’t want to go as far as showing up on a show it is something that many girls want to do I think it is something that a lot of girls can personally relate to.

The post that is my least favorite is the one about down syndrome and Trisomy 21. I really HATED this post because while I understand this class is all about ethics there are some opinions that I really don’t like to share with people. I think this is one of those posts that I felt no matter what I could have said on it, it wouldn’t have been correct and it was going to affect someone. I hated this post when I was writing it and hate to even look at it now. I really don’t think I could have changed this post with the exception of skipping this one.

The post that I had the most trouble with is the one from Aristotle. I would have to say I really had a lot of trouble with writing this because I really didn’t understand what Aristotle was talking about. I felt I was trying to write about a foreign language that I truly couldn’t relate to, I felt that I rambled a lot throughout this post and even after using other internet sources to discover more about him and his work I still was not grasping all the information he was talking about. With this I ended up feeling like my other posts were lacking because I couldn’t understand what they were all based off of.

The one post I learned from the most would have had to be the one about elder suicide. I chose this post because I truly think this was the one post I was able to really express myself with. This is the one post that I think I really felt personally about so I was able to create a better learning experience from this. I loved being able to make a personally connection with “someone” I was writing to. I think this post helped me a lot to be able to relate the talk about Kant and his readings and what they really meant.

Reflection Questions 2:  

After looking back on the entirety of this course I really don’t think it was one specific thing I learned throughout the course that I liked. I really enjoyed this course I think reading other peoples opinions as well as being able to look at things from a different mindset really helped me to think about how I think about things and put my thoughts in perspective I really enjoyed reading opinions about what was animal cruelty and what wasn’t while I really didn’t agree with most people I think reading about how they felt helped to open my eyes a bit and not judge right off. I know that I learned not to judge so fast because I actually value what my classmates had to say, as time went on I felt that I was less about oh good post and more about thinking critically about what they said and engaging in their learning to progress mine. While that statement sounds so much like a “teacher suck up statement” I really mean it. I actually began to care about what others had to say especially when it was about a topic that to me really struck home like the one about glo-fish.While at the end of this month I will be done with Worcester State and school for at least a while I really think what I learned in this class had an impact on me. I think waiting until my Senior year really made a difference I was able to absorb what I was learning A LOT more than when I was a Freshman or Sophomore. I was able to realize that these are real life issues things people have to deal with everyday. I also think that because I am a Sociology Major I was able to look at this course in a different light being able to see the effect that media has on us as well as where we come from.

Reflection Question 3: 

While I think and know I learned a lot I really don’t think that my moral opinions have changed. I think that is really something that takes a lot more than one class to change. We all believe what we believe for a reason and even if right in front of us there is proof that what we believe in is false many of us wont change our opinions. I think the terminology for this would be stuck in our ways. I wouldn’t doubt that this class made me think about things and have the facts to be able to back up what I am talking about I just don’t think that my opinions have changed I just am more conscience about what others think and have a more open mind about their opinions in comparison to my own.

Reflection Questions 4:

I really liked this course. If I was to teach it I would drop the need for using Twitter, I think it was a very unnecessary part of the course and really didn’t add to my learning if anything it inhibited my grade because I would never do it because I think it really was a waste. However in terms of topics that I would change I think I would include the topic of abortion while I know it was talked about in terms of Down Syndrome I think talking about it in a more general term would have been something I would have begun with this is because it is something that many people feel so strongly about and don’t have to do a lot of learning about so when you make a class open up with this it really brings down their walls because it is something they would want to talk about and express their feelings about. However I loved that throughout this class we were able to take several stops and discuss things like culture, who we are and what makes us like that, to things about common goals and animals. Learning in stages like we did was a great I think it was really helpful. I would recommend this class in a heart beat. However I am not so sure I would say to take it online I think I would be more hesitant about this because it was a TON of work for a 100 level online course. I mean I have taken quite a few online classes and even the one I am in that is a 200 level is less work than this one however if they were going to take it in a live class I think it would be amazing something really worth learning about and a class that covers a lot making its students learn.


Final Review: I really liked this class A LOT. I think it was really engaging and even though none of us met in person I think I truly connected with a lot people in this class, I felt it was a very enjoyable and comfortable learning environment. While there was a lot of work which made it difficult and having some of it do on the weekend made it hard I think the wide variety of topics that this class covered was very engaging. I just want to thank you all for a great experience and a very enjoyable class.

Course Reflection


Final Paper

My final paper truly represents the ideas of Kant that even though we follow our own decisions we also all have a common set of goals that we all tend to follow as well and even though we all may have the goal to get rich is that really what we want for our lives?


For my final paper I chose to include the song Compass by Lady Antebellum. The decision to do this is because while writing this paper I heard this song and was listening to the lyrics and it perfectly described what I was talking about. This song talks about that we really aren’t that far away and to follow your heart and desires.

Lady Antebellum Compass

Final Project: Part 1,2&3


Final Project Part I:

After finishing reading “How to Get Filthy Rich Raising Asia” I had a lot of first thoughts to the book like wow I really just read a book that told the story from beginning to end about a mans life. Secondly I couldn’t help but think that even though I have never read a self help book that this may have been one of the worst ones mainly because it really didn’t help me or any reader for that matter to learn anything about making money or getting rich in Asia. However after taking a step back I realized that this book had a lot more to offer than just what the reader went into the book thinking it was about, while it was the story of a man’s life it also gave the reader the chance to see what in life we really let slip past us and what we think is important by the end of time really wont hold as much meaning. This book was very helpful in making its readers look at life in more broad terms rather than just thinking about what the next day holds for us.

I was astonished after reading this book however that it went into all the depth that it did. While I understand that getting to know the character was important to bringing the story to life it also I think made the story drag on and several times throughout the book I was checking where I was and how much longer it would take me to finish. With this being said I think I should make a point that I read a lot and do appreciate books so for me to be bored is rare. I however still liked that this book made me think about the fact that we all strive for so much money in our lives and we all hope to have the big house with the nice cars and in reality this book truly made me realize that money doesn’t always make a person rich.

Final Project Part II

Throughout this book I feel that there were several times I thought to myself that really is a great thing to do while on the other hand I was astonished to hear about some other things.

Here is my list of Morally Right:

Caring for his family and ensuring that while is mother is dying she is getting the medical help she needs, and after she has passed on he takes care of his father for the remainder of his life.

Twice in the book we also encountered the “manager” of workers taking care of their employees in a monetary way past their regular paycheck. The first time being when the fathers boss paid for the health care of his wife and the second was when the “pretty girl” took care of the medical bills for her assistant.

There is also the undying love that he has for his son. That he would give anything that he has/had to make his son’s life better and easier and enjoys his time with his son wholeheartedly.

There is also the point that at the end of his like he still wants to care for the pretty girl and tries to still “spoil” and treat her right even if it is at the end of her life.

I also found the point in the book where he cared for his sisters and brothers children by giving them money and trying to take care of them important, they were family and that was that no questions asked. I think this also comes to light when he divorces his wife and still keeps her brother employed.

Finally one of those important morally right moments came when he got really sick and was in the hospital and his ex-wife still cared for him and paid his expenses even though they were no longer together.

The morally wrong point of this book seemed to way out number the good ones:

All of the stealing and paying money to get ahead to me was a big reoccurring problem throughout the book one that didn’t seem like a big problem to the main character or the author.

Also another point in this book was all the lying and deceit that took place like when the main character wouldn’t tell his wife about the danger he was in, this also closely relates to the stealing because they were often stealing from one another and never being honest about their true intentions.

There was also the point in time with the murder, while I understand it may have been in self defense at the same time he was just willing to leave that man on the ground dead. He had a family too

I also think that it was morally wrong that throughout his entire marriage he was thinking about being with another woman and in turn ruining his marriage with his ex-wife causing her to waste a large portion of her life with him.

There was also the point in the book where he made his own business and was lying to everyone about the water. He forged his “fresh” water just as his previous boss had lies about the expiration dates. I think this causes a lot of bad Karma lying to people and putting their health at risks.

The good characters in this book would be:

The ex-wife- She in my opinion is at the top of the list for good characters this is because she cares for her husband and even though he doesn’t treat her right she still stands by his side when he is sick on his death bed and forces herself to stay with him because of their son. I also think the religious and non profit group she is part of makes a huge difference in her character and gives the reader even more of a reason to admire her.

The father and the mother- The father and mother may not have been the best parents in the world but they still wanted to provide for their children, by moving them to the city and working themselves to the bone. They gave their all for their children to keep them happy and healthy. They valued each other and what was important in life and strove to make ends meet.

The Son- I chose him as a good character because even though we didn’t get to learn much about him we were able to learn enough to know that his parents still meant a lot to him and even though he moved to another country he still tried to talk to them and take care of them providing for them as their old age set in. I also think the point where the son came to see his father as something like a last goodbye says a lot because he made the effort and wanted to be there for his father.

The siblings- They were a very small part of the book but one that could be thought of in a good light. They didn’t ask for handouts from their brother but at the same time they were there for each other. They showed the value of family and what was important they made sure their children knew who their family was and that no matter what they could count on them.

Finally I would add the pretty girl- I would include her in my list of good characters because even though she had a troubled past she still worked past that and bettered herself. She may have had a little bit of fun but that doesn’t make her a bad person. I think what really needs to be taken away from her character is the fact that she was a loyal friend and cared about all the people in her life. She never tried to break up his marriage even if she did think about him, she also made a constant effort to better herself and knew when it was she should move forward.

The bad characters in this book were:

The ex-brother in-law – He is by far the worst character in this book and after reading it I still detest him. He stole from his bother-in-law and left him high and dry so he could spend the remainder of his days not worrying about money problems. What bothers me the most is he did this all after he talked his brother-in-law into buying over another company after he just signed his life away and put up everything he had as collateral you can’t help but detest him.

The bureaucrats-throughout the entirety of this book they were always the bad guys the ones that were ordering the hits or taking money under the table. They were also the ones who only looked out for themselves and didnt care what happened to anyone else all they wanted was their money and the respect they felt they deserved.

The master of his first apprenticeship- he is the one who turned the main character into a liar. He was also lying to a lot of other people and putting their lives at risk just to make a couple of dollars.

The pretty girls parents- I think these two upset me a lot throughout the book because the pretty girl ended up with her lack of wanting to commit also the fact that at a young age she felt she had to run away to get away from it all. They disowned their daughter, their own flesh and blood because she left.

The “butler” at the pretty girls house in the end- At first I felt a soft spot for him because he took care of both the pretty girl and the main character. He lived with them and was able to watch them get older however after the reader found out that yet another person was taking money and items I couldn’t help but feel more disdain for another character in this book. Something that in his old age the main character was more accepting of.

The guard who shot the man in cold blood- This is back to the murder that while I understand was done in somewhat self defense there was no remorse given. They left that poor man to die alone in the street and didn’t care at all what could have happened to him. While I understand the fact it is a dog eat dog world I still think it is important to think about the fact that this was still another living person someone who still had rights and a family. The fact that the shooter was more concerned about his own hide not getting caught is upsetting.

Finally I come to the main character who I think like most people had some good and bad attributes to him. While he lied and was deceitful he was also faithful to his wife (even if he was in love with someone else the whole time) He provided for his family and constantly was trying to do right by others. I think the main character represents most of us we have a good side but at the same time we have a bad side. Because we got to know him better than the other characters in the book we got to appreciate him a bit more and feel a bit more for what he went through.

I feel that throughout my entire post above I spoke of some of the events that would be negative in someones life like the murder that took place, or going broke because someone back stabbed you. Even getting divorced and having your son move away from you to a whole different continent would be difficult for anyone. I also think the point that the main character couldn’t be with the woman he loved throughout the entire book.

Now for the list of pleasure:

-Making a ton of money that you could afford your own mansion

– Ending your days in a peaceful manner

– Working your way up from the roots to the boss of a big name company

– Getting married and starting your own family

– Ending the “story” on a happy note spending your retirement with someone you love

– Going to college

Final Project Part III:

When thinking about this book in relation to the readings that have been done about morality in this class I think about one in particular being Kant. I personally think this book relates to his thinking because he mentions that we all are hoping for the same things out of life and all have the same wants and desires but at the same time we also have the same things we feel are wrong and similar moral compasses. I think this relates best to the book because we all have the desire to be rich or at least be able to provide for our families. Most people would like to be able to live life without having to worry about bills and money problems. I think that’s why even the title of this book brings attention because when thought about it ends up coming to light that even with the problems that came about in this book he had the life many of us would want. However at the end of the book the main character ends up realizing what true happiness is and he ends up helping his readers to not wait until the end of a persons life but to make the most of what they have right in front of them. Be Happy, I think that brings to light one other philosopher as well Aristotle.

The style of this book is a lot different then most books mainly because it is written in first person but at the same time it is like a narrator when he takes time to talk to his audience that is reading the book. This book is written very much like an autobiography but at the same time the audience is also left to wonder who is really telling the story, the author cares what the audience thinks and wants to make sure that all of their questions are answered. I feel that because the author was trying to make the audience understand what was going on and feel what he was feeling at points the book got a bit to much for me to read it wasn’t because I was feeling sympathetic but the situation made me get uncomfortable.

Thesis: On a core level most people have a similar moral compass even a whole continent away do people still have the same values and desires. However it must be considered that even though money to most people would be the ultimate goal at the end of the day the people who are standing at our side like our family and friends are the most important things in life.


Who am I? American.


My culture is a very large mix of things I am Irish, English, French Canadian, Native American, Italian. I really don’t identify with any of these cultures I know very little about them and really have never even expanded my knowledge about them. This is because I truly relate to the American culture. I will honestly tell you I am all about being American. I truly am close with my friends and family those are my communities. I surround myself with people who mean the most to me and those who make me happy. That to me is my community, I no longer see myself as part of the Worcester State Community after moving off campus I don’t see the same people I once did. I also can’t be part of my work community because that is forbidden by my company. With the community I surround myself with including my friends and family, and the American culture I think this shapes who I am because I find the important things to make me happy but I also enjoy things like shopping and indulging in the wonders of a first world country.

The three most important values to me are:

Being honest from the start never lying its not worth it.

Being true to yourself, don’t fake being nice or fake liking things because it’s what your friends want.

Those who are in your life are put there for a reason keep them there and cherish them.


I think these are influenced by my culture and community in different ways. This is that being honest is important to me because I think in our society lying is very common something that even socially acceptable. I also think my community of friends have created my second value because they are often times not being who they are because they want to please someone including men and they want people to like them and I hate seeing them do that so I strive not to. Lastly I think my family and culture have helped me to see this last one because life is so short and so many things can happen that we should always be prepared for the unexpected.

I think based off the values I have listed above I think happiness and striving for what we believe in is what is important. I agree with Aristotle’s talk that family is important. But also I think Card had an important point about friends and holding our positions with them. This is something that I think bluntly describes my value about valuing those who are in your life and keeping true to yourself and what makes you happy. I have learned a lot that we all have similar goals and wants from life and it is all about keeping true to those ideas.

Lesson 6 Assignment 1: Who’s to Judge??


In a sense, we all live in radically different worlds. Each person has a different set of beliefs and experiences, a particular perspective that colors all of his or her perceptions. Do the farmer, the real estate dealer, and the artist, looking at the same spatio‑temporal field, see the same field? Not likely. Their different orientations, values, and expectations govern their perceptions, so that different aspects of the field are highlighted and some features are missed. Even as our individual values arise from personal experience, so social values are grounded in the peculiar history of the community. Morality, then, is just the set of common rules, habits, and customs which have won social approval over time, so that they seem part of the nature of things, as facts. There is nothing mysterious or transcendent about these codes of behavior. They are the outcomes of our social history.


Everyone lives in their own worlds with their own wants desires and beliefs. Everyone has different feelings about what is important and what is not. Because of these different beliefs not everyone sees things in the same light we all have different beliefs and see things differently because of that. Do two people who see a same field see it in the same light someone who could use it to grow and make food, compared to someone who would use to to sell and make money? The answer is no they have different views. Because of their different views they each see things different and are able to take in different aspects of the field. Even though everyone has their beliefs based on their experiences as they grew up it doesn’t mean that as a society we have different values and different morals that we feel we should follow. These are things that over time have been deemed to be important and deemed to be something that everyone should follow. They are only around because of our history or any nations history. 

I chose this paragraph because I think it is truly important that we all think we are so different from each other that the beliefs and values that we have are around because of our life experiences but when it comes down to it because we were raised in the West we tend to value different things than other countries. After I traveled to Africa this summer this became truly apparent to me. I was able to see that their emphasis is based a lot more on family then it is on money and jobs. I think it is amazing to think that we have different thoughts and approaches to life because of stigmas that have been set in place before our time. 

  • As a universal value, members of one culture have no right to evaluate the moral values of another culture.‘ Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not.

I think this is one of the best stated statements. It isn’t fair o f us to go into another country and say what is right and what they should believe. They have different values and for example in Africa family is a lot more important because a lot of the household chores like getting food and water needs to be done by members of the family. We have to luxury to have a lot of things like that done for us so we can focus on schooling and getting jobs. Culture and location change a lot about people and if they have certain beliefs who are we to say they are wrong. We have our own weird beliefs in America like we put faith in our politicians while in a lot of other countries that isn’t true and most of the time there is a lot of corruption. 

  • 2. Is the argument against subjectivism convincing to you?

Personally I think the argument is convincing. Thinking about the fact that we are the ones who control our thoughts and that we are the ones who decide what is morally right or wrong is true to some sense but it is also the area we were raised in and the lives we grew up in. What we perceive to be right or wrong is just in our heads. I think using the bull fightings is a great way to talk about subjectivism making us think that just because we may like it doesn’t mean that everyone will agree with us and feel the same. 

  • 3. Is the argument against conventional relativism strong and convincing?

I don’t think this argument is strong. I think it actually goes against a lot of what he said throughout his paper that society holds it roots and that we believe things because of our society but at the same time he talks about subjectivism there is a lot of wavering about who comes up with our moral beliefs. Looking past how I personally feel talking about something so dramatic as nuclear warfare is not helping because in reality most people I can’t say all but most don’t want to ruin the planet that we live on but if he chose a less strong topic to use I think his argument could have been helped a tremendous amount.

  • 4. Who are ‘we’ to make moral judgments?  Is it even possible? Under what circumstances?  Explain your thinking and refer to the reading.

I think that a lot of us make moral judgments a lot even if we don’t want to admit that we do. Thinking about it in the terms of abortion, a lot of people think that it is the woman’s choice and that they should decide if they want to have a child or not while on the other side of the debate there is pro life that every child should be given the right to live and the choice to live. I think that we all judge we just don’t think about it in the terms of judging. In my opinion I think Americans are more likely to judge other Americans rather than judging someone from another country. This in my opinion makes a difference, we should never judge but I think and know it happens all the time.

mike and mike michael

  • What is your gender? How do you feel about being a female/male? What does it mean to you in terms of your identity? ‘Do you think that your ethical view conforms to ethics of care/ethics of justice? Why or why not?

I am a female. While I would never change to become a male I truly am more of a boy then a girl, I have always been more of a “tomboy” getting along better with guys than girls. I enjoy cars, getting dirty, going off roading, but at the same time I still like to do girly things like shop and get my nails done. I think that I don’t fit neatly in the gender stereotypes. In most cases I truly feel I have a mix I do care but at the same time I don’t like children, I don’t relate to them and find them annoying. This is where I think that I lose the ethics of care I also have the ethics of justice because it is rule and law based which is something that I tend to focus on highly I care about the loss prevention issues at my job.

  • Who do you consider your best friend and why?  Describe your relationship to him/her in terms of trust, equality, fairness, love, caring, empathy and responsibility.  Discuss how easy or difficult is it to keep these qualities in your friendship?  Can you have more than one best friend?  Can you have many best friends?  Why or why not?

As I have stated several times I have three best friends they are three boys that I truly consider my brothers. I would do anything for them and give anything for them. We are always on the same page they give just as much as I do. I trust them with my life just as I know they trust me. Every conversation between us is always ended with I love you. I would never want a relationship past friendship with any of them and that is a problem that most people don’t understand, there is a lot of jealousy from my boyfriends towards them but truthfully its a package deal with them. With these three we have the friendship thing down pat we can go weeks without talking but the moment they send me a text or I send them one were there for eachother, no questions asked. I think with girls as your friends it takes a lot more maintenance in a friendship, missing one night going out with girls you’re the bad guy. I like the low maintenance friendships that one look or one word they can tell what is wrong with you just as my three best friends can do. I think you can have more than one best friend without a doubt there is always the one person you will be just a bit closer to you but that can be because of time you’ve known them or even the relative locations of where you live.  However it doesn’t change that they still matter just as much in your life they are just as important. I think that it shouldn’t matter how many best friends you have but the relationships that you have with them.

The pictures I posted are of my three best friends Michael, Michael, and Michael. I truly hate calling them just Mike I find it a lot less personal. Two of them are really close and the other one I have known since high school. I couldn’t live without them everyday knowing their there. 

My Best Friends… Introduction 5

Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21




  • Would it be wrong for parents to abort a fetus with trisomy 21?  What moral responsibility, if any, does a pregnant woman have for the fetus discussed in this article?

I think it truly depends on the parents situations, while in the article it talked about how a lot of people are having children at an older age I think that it also needs to be considered that a lot of teenagers and young 20 year old’s are becoming parents and the may or may not have the money to support a child that will be born with special needs and require the extra care. While no matter what side you take on abortion I think that it is still the parents rights I think it truly requires a special person to take care of children with down syndrome or any type of mental disorder. The best way I can state how I feel about this is at my job there is a woman and her two daughters that come in all the time one of her daughters happens to have down syndrome but to see how the mother treats the two differently is horrible. The daughter with down syndrome is always getting yelled at and truthfully in my opinion verbally abused. People like this who don’t know how to treat children with down syndrome truly shouldn’t be having a child like this because they don’t know how to care for the child. The moral responsibility that I think a mother has to her fetus is she has to know if she can care for her baby and give it a full and happy life but I don’t think this should solely be based on a child with down syndrome but any child, however one with Trisomy 21 is just a more severe case of handling a child. 

  • Are there any circumstances that would justify aborting a child with Down syndrome? Does it make a difference if the pregnancy is wanted?  Imposed?

Now this is a question that has to rely more on one’s opinion about abortion, Personally I feel it is the woman’s choice and in this case the families choice. I think that if you truly couldn’t handle a child with down syndrome then you shouldn’t put a child through that misery. Some people are born with the ability to be a great parent and have that nurturing gene and some aren’t and taking care of a child is not in their realm of talents. As I stated above a lot of younger people are getting pregnant and a lot before they can take care of a child I think that it becomes even harder for them as parents to take care of a child that has down syndrome then one that does not. Certain factors come into play when thinking about terminating a pregnancy like where someone is in life like just starting out college or not having the money or support. For different people different things matter and don’t this is where personal decisions and ethics comes into play.

  • What are the strengths of the argument that any kind of prenatal testing is wrong?

Setting aside my personal feelings that testing is right and should be done I think someone standing on the other side of the argument could use the approach that this really could lead to a miscarriage especially if the family has been struggling or trying to have a child there is no reason for it they want their child. Also their is the idea that if you are having a child why should it matter if the child is going to have mental disabilities or not they are still going to be your child and have half your genes.

  • What are some moral theories that might bear on these issues?

Some of the moral theories that might bear on these issues are that everyone should be treated and are created equal. This idea is that no matter what people have or do they should all be treated the same way, its similar to the ideas by singer that we were previously talking about. Also the ideas about friendship that were just discussed can also be looked at in a different light and we can see that we should care for people just as they would care for us. A child would love a parent and the parent should love a child because of no fault of their own are they born this way.


The article I chose talks about how there are now going to changes to the way woman are tested and give more accurate results helping to lead to less confusion and less misdiagnoses.